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  • I  remember actually for my my dental  interview Waterpik to talk about the  impacted wisdom .
  • Teeth and you know how  that’s you know is that Ananias that we’re evolving you know away from you .
  • Know always saying that  yeah we eventually lose always in teeth but that was never covered in.
  • My training at all  we never talked about your development or you know what ancestrally we’ve seen in terms of our dental health .

But wisdom  teeth compaction you know .

  • Out of our jaws because you know that they don’t grow properly and and no one’s question that there’s no there’s no attempt to.
  • say why we Cincinnati infections are so common today  yeah I mean it’s the ancestral evolutionary perspective is lacking and across-the-board.
  • Medicine but it does seem to me that in dentistry is one of the areas where it is most needed and  and most in action and also.
  • Most lacking like there’s there’s virtually no discussion of it I think in conventional dentistry whereas in conventional.

Medicine the there is some discussion.

  • of  evolutionary medicine there’s even that term evolutionary medicine and and know that I’m seeing articles in the .
  • New York Times about that seem on a and Bolivia and and you know question about why

Don’t they have heart disease you know.

  • Why don’t they get Alzheimer’s so I see that a  little bit with with health is there any discussion of .
  • Dentistry  at this point in the conventional world in the good in the conventional world it is still quite.
  • Disconnected but you know  it in the early in the early th century you know a lot of the literature was based.
  • Around you know for instance the orthodontic industry the early  textbooks henry angle and  they .
  • Talked about intracranial growth and they looked I made spoke to two anthropologists and.
  • Sir Robert mark  Cheney is one of the most prominent dental anthropologists and so he’s done