The best dental insurance plans for individuals

The best dental insurance plans for individuals

  • Dental diseases compulsory insurance intervention on the disease
  • The insured insured in compulsory health insurance (AMO) through the National Social Security .
  • Fund can benefit from health coverage services for dental diseases and related diseases of the mouth and gums.
  • In view of the rationale, and for the implementation of this procedure, which will serve millions of insureds at AMO- from the employees and the employees.
The best dental insurance plans for individuals
The best dental insurance plans for individuals
  • the contribution contribution tariff will be raised from 1.5 per cent to 1.85 per cent of the base salary, beginning in January 2016.

Health insurance Print E-mail insurance generally has an important social function that mitigates the economic effects of life-threatening emergencies.

  • Health insurance also has positive effects on humans and society, making it a reality that imposes itself.
  • Wafa Insurance offers a comprehensive range of insurance products and provides a full range of innovative insurance products to cover health needs.
  • This series of products and services are subject to the following contracting companies:• Contract-based status for tools that enable detailed tracking of the progress of their compensation files;•
  • very short payment periods: within 4 days;• certification of medical expenses in less than 24 hours;• The third party performing in pharmacies regarding expensive medicines;•

the possibility of direct payment through the bank account of the associate;• Awareness-raising and prevention work by contractors;•

  • A network of excellent service providers stretching across all the Kingdom’s soil. On the other hand, in order to satisfy customers who strive to ensure more comprehensive health coverage,.
  • including quality, services and availability of treatment facilities.
  • Al Wafa Insurance has been the race since 2006 to market the “More Health” product, an international medical scheme to cover diseases and accidents with a roof of services up to .
  • 10 Million dirhams a year for each person. The “Further Health” product was a complete success and was widely engaged in the insured contracting frameworks. Aware of the