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Renaissance Dental  how topical would prevent them from feeling pain and want to start using topical but I’m worried okay well I think what might happen there is maybe that’s Renaissance Dental  .

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

Renaissance Dental a good example of trying to use the formulated topical and if you get a formulated topical it can be a much stronger topical anesthetic there’s nothing wrong with that go to that next and then the Novocaine.

With epee I don’t use that I’ve never used this I’m looking with FB for numbing for the propels technique I’m using a crab Kane without the episode and I’ll only a drop only a drop and we’re we’re telling the patient .

They’re gonna feel me pushing on them but the the Aeolus doesn’t have the innervation there is no innervation the nerves run above the roots and into the roots of the teeth but the Aeolus bone that alveolar bone itself doesn’t have innervation so .

They shouldn’t be feeling the pain but a little pressure is a yes so you have to kind of distinguish the more sensitive patients from the ones who are a little tougher and figure that out alright let’s see here we have the questions how often do you see your patients when you mop that okay so when.

I do micro stereo perforate the patient certainly I’m gonna want to watch that case because I do want to observe the tracking in the comfort level so if if you’re gonna give out a traditional case of Invisalign.

Would be maybe three aligners so if you give out three aligners and then that patient would wear them at two weeks time you’d see them in six weeks so six weeks is a nice interval so what .

I would be doing is keeping the six week interval so my second appointment would be come back in six weeks but if we’re gonna change the