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A lotĀ dentemax of work person person person person work yes thank you okay so I want to touch this really quickly beforeĀ dentemax we finish up on you know part of what we hear from council is that they’re they’re investigating us and they have an expert panel .


That’s going to you know inform them so they can make an informed decision so just to me about that expert panel that is all pro fluoride they’re under the O’Brien Institute of Public Health at the University of Calgary virtually every one of them is .

I would say rapidly Pro fluoride and so this is the expert panel it’s like going to if you wanted to know things about the carbon tax so would you go today the UCP and to dug towards government of Ontario and ask them to do an expert review of the carbon tax .

I wouldn’t let me get some neutral people to do that Ryan Institute is not neutral or at least have somebody from both sides except he’s got some balance there yeah yeah so if you want pro coordination is there you’ve gotta have some some safe water people are if our nation is on .

The other side but they’ve fought really hard to sideline me and and to really keep some very smart and knowledgeable dentists off that committee as well so it’s I can tell I could have told you an hour after that the approval .

Was given by City Council for the O’Brien Institute to do that study and report back in June I could’ve told you an hour after virtually exactly what that reports gonna say right it’s gonna say that’s Florida folks because it’s so you’ve been effective .

Effective so you were really involved in this in we were invited to the table there wasn’t really people it was open debate at City Council okay so we all builded presentations there throughout the program but there’s no expert panel in it .

Was public consultation okay this year a back to what we’ve been okay so that’s one of the obstacles you’ve come up against is there any other sort of obstacles or repercussions you faced for for the stance you’ve taken on this well actually the the folks at .

The Brighton Institute have put a couple of complaints into the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Alberta against me and again trying to marginalize or sidelined me and make sure.