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Waterpik | Best Dental Insurance

Waterpik | Best Dental Insurance

  • I  remember actually for my my dental  interview Waterpik to talk about the  impacted wisdom .
  • Teeth and you know how  that’s you know is that Ananias that we’re evolving you know away from you .
  • Know always saying that  yeah we eventually lose always in teeth but that was never covered in.
  • My training at all  we never talked about your development or you know what ancestrally we’ve seen in terms of our dental health .

But wisdom  teeth compaction you know .

  • Out of our jaws because you know that they don’t grow properly and and no one’s question that there’s no there’s no attempt to.
  • say why we Cincinnati infections are so common today  yeah I mean it’s the ancestral evolutionary perspective is lacking and across-the-board.
  • Medicine but it does seem to me that in dentistry is one of the areas where it is most needed and  and most in action and also.
  • Most lacking like there’s there’s virtually no discussion of it I think in conventional dentistry whereas in conventional.

Medicine the there is some discussion.

  • of  evolutionary medicine there’s even that term evolutionary medicine and and know that I’m seeing articles in the .
  • New York Times about that seem on a and Bolivia and and you know question about why

Don’t they have heart disease you know.

  • Why don’t they get Alzheimer’s so I see that a  little bit with with health is there any discussion of .
  • Dentistry  at this point in the conventional world in the good in the conventional world it is still quite.
  • Disconnected but you know  it in the early in the early th century you know a lot of the literature was based.
  • Around you know for instance the orthodontic industry the early  textbooks henry angle and  they .
  • Talked about intracranial growth and they looked I made spoke to two anthropologists and.
  • Sir Robert mark  Cheney is one of the most prominent dental anthropologists and so he’s done

best dental insurance | affordable dental insurance

best dental insurance | affordable dental insurance

 Best dental insurance the  hunt for like that secret best one on  the market so if you use something great  please tell me what it is thanks for watching and I will see you when it comes to oral care we know that  most of the toothpaste out there contain chemicals sodium laureth sulfate things  best dental insurance that isn’t good.

best dental insurance

 affordable dental insurance us so once again  Vaidya Mishra has come up with an ayurvedic solution to our oral house so can you tell us about that so I tried I didn’t have any oral care of five years  ago and I tried for myself several products so all those so-called Ayurvedic kinds of toothpaste like a neem or babul or what you call that everyone has parabens all four parabens.

And the most  little thing is the sodium lauryl sulfate in today’s a Detergent talk you will see the more effect of that how much  #instagram worse it is that forming agent and then you know sugar substitute you know how carcinogen only and carcinogen they  are and synthetic flavor and you use this every morning and evening so little bit goes long you know

Too much too much so then I thought a lot of horrible things they use formaldehyde to preserve see when words then part of it then I  thought what to do then I went back again to my childhood what we have been using why our oral hygiene was great why when they see my teeth is oh my god so nice what is going on there so we’re using the sticks

You know in India still in rural area to use and the stick and  the homemade tooth powder my dad used to make and it stick up Babu you know which is called dented article which is forming your you know gums and then name which is antibacterial and there is a special very special bar called moly monastery very special bar that was going into the

Tooth powder so full coverage dental insurance prices  I thought I’m going to replicate everything same thing I want to put it there and then a lot of pizza people get demoralized very soon the mineral you know the demineralization then idea came to my mind I have the best coral calcium in the world you know above the sea we called you to know branches of coral no troops where

All the heavy metals and everything is there so then what I have done one more idea came because the decay all the decay is happening due to residue of sugar at night residue of sugar and carb is feed for bad bacteria and in bad environment for good bacteria and that’s why the in the morning people’s breath is bad breath is bad  because of

Those sugar ladies you in no matter how much you clean they are there you know they’re stuck in you know gum and in the morning those bacterias are very happy to eat them and multiply best dental insurance themselves and that’s why your breath