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The Ultimate Guide To Affordable Dental Care

We’re actually just talking off but before the recording about some of the things that Affordable Dental Care we’ve seen and out there in the wild and you know it’s  almost truth is stranger than fiction sometimes when it comes down to these  things so Harold thank you so much for coming on today I’m really excited about the interview hey well I appreciate having me and hopefully some information that we can that can share with your  listeners they’ll find a value all of our clients definitely definitely do we started about five and a half years ago and it’s been an exciting ride and  loved our relationships with our dentist and there today they seem very appreciative one of their pain points as you mentioned is just dealing with insurance companies

That is way dealing with them we are advocates on their behalf and I’ll tell you this is briefly and then I know though there might be some questions that you might have as well but just a little FYI for you I spent plus years on the other side of the table working at the insurance companies so I understand how the actuaries work how they build their networks how the fees are set so that gives me a kind of an insider point of view and a unique perspective to help our clients on this side of the table very say so tell me how you got in event you said that you’ve been you created the company five and a half years ago how did it come about what made you come and say hey work there’s a lot of confusion in this industry I know a lot about it we’re going to go out there and help with it yeah good good question probably most folks out there listening you know I’ve ever heard that sometimes the best things in life happen by accident and Apex reimbursement is is not any different from that myself was was we are sharing some office space with now my two current partners Gabi Cohen