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Key To Success: affordable dental and vision plan

Key To Success: affordable dental and vision plan

we see now let’s take a  different look at this let’s help dental  offices within our independent practice Association within our network as we  call it except it’s a network owned by you and run affordable dental and vision plan by you where all of you agree to exchange data and negotiate  together legally with employer groups if you pick a dentist from our independent.

affordable dental and vision plan

practice Association once  dentist insurance plans your member or  patient picks our dentist the money the  of the money could be twenty dollars a month could be a month could be percent of that money goes to the  dentist the general dentist and when you add up all the patients that have picked that dentist you now suddenly have thousand dollars a month coming to.

  that general dentist but guess what if you’ve wiped out the fixed cost of a dental operation the variable cost of a affordable dental and vision plan  procedure might be buying gloves it might be a small lab it’s very very low  in fact it could be zero it could be ten percent could be maximum twenty percent and so now you’re in a situation where the insurance company in its.

old model had to satisfy a claim with a with a  hundred percent dollar  affordable dental and vision plan but you  as a dentist satisfy a claim with a ten cent cost you ten times less expensive because you fixed cost have been wiped out so employers to be quick about it come to our plan because we are able to  cut the cost of their premiums almost by fifty percent if we wanted to none of them generally wants you most of them just want them flat for the next three to four years but we could cut the cost affordable dental and vision plan .