dental help

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dental help
dental help
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which they no longer provide all or around the world and one of the things that came out of us and they did some human histological studies and if you read this basically that the paper approves the blasted surface of the MDI mini dental implant or Co integrates can pop comparably to conventional implants and I found that to be the case there’s a situation where .

I had a fractured implant which I took out I try find that implant out of the mandible enter a surface area and I sent that to pathology I sent that coral bone with the implant in there for analysis and I’ll draw attention to these lines it’s

a pathology report there’s no Vasseur those were the those without evidence of any of an intervening fibrous membrane so there’s no fibrous tissue connection it

was full-on burn the implants appear well integrated within the surrounding sclerotic bone and a peri prosthetic or peri-implant membrane is not seen there’s no membrane it’s fusion of titanium