The Ultimate Guide To Affordable Dental Care

We’re actually just talking off but before the recording about some of the things that Affordable Dental Care we’ve seen and out there in the wild and you know it’s  almost truth is stranger than fiction sometimes when it comes down to these  things so Harold thank you so much for coming on today I’m really excited about the interview hey well I appreciate having me and hopefully some information that we can that can share with your  listeners they’ll find a value all of our clients definitely definitely do we started about five and a half years ago and it’s been an exciting ride and  loved our relationships with our dentist and there today they seem very appreciative one of their pain points as you mentioned is just dealing with insurance companies

That is way dealing with them we are advocates on their behalf and I’ll tell you this is briefly and then I know though there might be some questions that you might have as well but just a little FYI for you I spent plus years on the other side of the table working at the insurance companies so I understand how the actuaries work how they build their networks how the fees are set so that gives me a kind of an insider point of view and a unique perspective to help our clients on this side of the table very say so tell me how you got in event you said that you’ve been you created the company five and a half years ago how did it come about what made you come and say hey work there’s a lot of confusion in this industry I know a lot about it we’re going to go out there and help with it yeah good good question probably most folks out there listening you know I’ve ever heard that sometimes the best things in life happen by accident and Apex reimbursement is is not any different from that myself was was we are sharing some office space with now my two current partners Gabi Cohen

best dental insurance | affordable dental insurance

best dental insurance | affordable dental insurance

 Best dental insurance the  hunt for like that secret best one on  the market so if you use something great  please tell me what it is thanks for watching and I will see you when it comes to oral care we know that  most of the toothpaste out there contain chemicals sodium laureth sulfate things  best dental insurance that isn’t good.

best dental insurance

 affordable dental insurance us so once again  Vaidya Mishra has come up with an ayurvedic solution to our oral house so can you tell us about that so I tried I didn’t have any oral care of five years  ago and I tried for myself several products so all those so-called Ayurvedic kinds of toothpaste like a neem or babul or what you call that everyone has parabens all four parabens.

And the most  little thing is the sodium lauryl sulfate in today’s a Detergent talk you will see the more effect of that how much  #instagram worse it is that forming agent and then you know sugar substitute you know how carcinogen only and carcinogen they  are and synthetic flavor and you use this every morning and evening so little bit goes long you know

Too much too much so then I thought a lot of horrible things they use formaldehyde to preserve see when words then part of it then I  thought what to do then I went back again to my childhood what we have been using why our oral hygiene was great why when they see my teeth is oh my god so nice what is going on there so we’re using the sticks

You know in India still in rural area to use and the stick and  the homemade tooth powder my dad used to make and it stick up Babu you know which is called dented article which is forming your you know gums and then name which is antibacterial and there is a special very special bar called moly monastery very special bar that was going into the

Tooth powder so full coverage dental insurance prices  I thought I’m going to replicate everything same thing I want to put it there and then a lot of pizza people get demoralized very soon the mineral you know the demineralization then idea came to my mind I have the best coral calcium in the world you know above the sea we called you to know branches of coral no troops where

All the heavy metals and everything is there so then what I have done one more idea came because the decay all the decay is happening due to residue of sugar at night residue of sugar and carb is feed for bad bacteria and in bad environment for good bacteria and that’s why the in the morning people’s breath is bad breath is bad  because of

Those sugar ladies you in no matter how much you clean they are there you know they’re stuck in you know gum and in the morning those bacterias are very happy to eat them and multiply best dental insurance themselves and that’s why your breath

Key To Success: affordable dental and vision plan

Key To Success: affordable dental and vision plan

we see now let’s take a  different look at this let’s help dental  offices within our independent practice Association within our network as we  call it except it’s a network owned by you and run affordable dental and vision plan by you where all of you agree to exchange data and negotiate  together legally with employer groups if you pick a dentist from our independent.

affordable dental and vision plan

practice Association once  dentist insurance plans your member or  patient picks our dentist the money the  of the money could be twenty dollars a month could be a month could be percent of that money goes to the  dentist the general dentist and when you add up all the patients that have picked that dentist you now suddenly have thousand dollars a month coming to.

  that general dentist but guess what if you’ve wiped out the fixed cost of a dental operation the variable cost of a affordable dental and vision plan  procedure might be buying gloves it might be a small lab it’s very very low  in fact it could be zero it could be ten percent could be maximum twenty percent and so now you’re in a situation where the insurance company in its.

old model had to satisfy a claim with a with a  hundred percent dollar  affordable dental and vision plan but you  as a dentist satisfy a claim with a ten cent cost you ten times less expensive because you fixed cost have been wiped out so employers to be quick about it come to our plan because we are able to  cut the cost of their premiums almost by fifty percent if we wanted to none of them generally wants you most of them just want them flat for the next three to four years but we could cut the cost affordable dental and vision plan .